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  • God Has Got You!

    This creator’s eye for detail is exceptional. I looked at these figures and I was amazed at how there is a picture of their purpose drawn onto their own bodies. I loved that! Each individual piece bears the mark of its life’s story. People have a creator, as well, and his eye for detail is […]

  • I’m Giving It Another Try

    I’ve been attempting to resurrect a dream that I had twenty years ago. I want to be a writer. Back then , I thought that if I just got the words down on paper without editing, I could go back with a fresh mind and fix them all. Just a little proofreading, you know, and […]

  • The Importance of Memories

    Most of my childhood photos are missing. I believe I have less than five of them. It’s kind of a bummer, considering that I was a cute, albeit annoying kid. So, now as an adult, I really value pictures of my own children. Thankfully, there are many. We have few photos of the daily ho […]


    The little ones around here have become lovers of rhyme. All day long, they sing and jabber about anything that sounds to them like a poem, “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you!” They’ll turn anything into a song, “So-and-so looks like a an ape, he ate a grape, […]

  • The Snowman’s Tale: A Bittersweet Winter Story 

    This story is about the nicest, kindest person I’ve ever met. In fact, I call this person my friend. I call him that because I didn’t know his name the first few times we met. He was usually helping other people and playing with the quiet kids, so I never heard anyone say his name […]