Though none go with me, I still will follow…

Most of the time, I’m an easy target. Attacking me can become a virtual free for all. Thankfully, that’s rare. That’s probably because most people can see that I’m pretty well meaning. I’m generally not trying to do any harm. But that doesn’t mean my mistakes don’t hurt others. I realize that they do, and I’m generally in agony, regretting it when I’m finally brought face to face with my failings.

However, I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one God ever speaks to. Does he only hold me accountable? Is anyone else ever corrected and rebuked by my master? Because some of their behavior towards me is pretty crappy at times.

I’m tired of reaching out for a stable relationship with people who seriously don’t know how to have that. I’m also tired of offending people who have no business being angry at me. I’m sick of being understood but hated, misunderstood and still hated, and just generally being a free target in the middle of an empty field where there are no consequences for inflicting emotional damage.

Do you ever feel like I do? If so, I’m sorry. If no one else has said it to you, it’s not okay for people to treat you without kindness. And I’m certain that God made us for more than this. So let’s keep listening to his rebukes, loving others, trying to inflict less pain on others, and hoping that we’re doing better today than we did yesterday.

I’m praying for you. Please pray for me. If you pray to Jesus, ask that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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