About the Author

Stephanie Orsini was born in New York City, but she she say that she found her true home when she moved to Florida at age 12. It was much later than that when she said she began to feel comfortable in her own skin. Public schooled, an avid learner, socially awkward, and victim of the longest awkward stage in human history, she was a really well-meaning but annoying kid.

At age 18, she married a great guy, Rudy. Going against everyone's advice, she homeschooled their awesome kids in a really messy house. During those years, she kept busy using her computer skills to help others stand out. In 2009, she obtained her college degree, fulfilling her grandfather's greatest wish for her. Then, in spite of having the poorest short-term memory of almost anyone we know, in 2012, she became a state certified teacher, fulfilling a lifelong dream of her own. (Okay, so somehow she's both smart and an airhead.)

Her love of people, good conversation, and learning means she is always accumulating trivia about the world around her. At present, she is enjoying that awkward empty-ing nest stage. That means that nobody's usually home but almost everyone still lives there. Quirky, talented, and full of joy, Stephanie Orsini is never boring. If you like well-written, engrossing fiction as well as straightforward non-fiction, take a look at her stuff.