Published Articles

Making Home More Homey

As a homeschooler, I longed to be that awesome, neat, productive mommy that everyone online pretends to be. But at the end of the day, I had a lot of struggles in the domestic area. This was an article about one of those victorious spots in an otherwise spotty record of housekeeping in the Orsini household.


Kindle Books

In an effort to get over her crippling fear of showing off her work, Stephanie wrote a series of short, quick reads for Kindle. She is going back and editing them, increasing the length and tightening up the writing. If you bought one that felt substandard, try to update it. (Drop us an email to ask us how.)

Other Media


For quite a while, Stephanie had this YouTube channel and didn't use it much. Now, she's getting much more active with it, especially since she stopped losing the password to the site. (Yes, ma'am, Mrs. Stephanie Orsini. I went there.) Guys, hide me -- quick!