You love being a mom, yet you don't mention yours. Why?

My mother was of Puerto Rican descent. She was wheelchair bound for all of her adult life, and she never walked normally before that. My father is of Jewish descent, and I found him online when I was pregnant with my third child. Neither of my birth parents were traditionalists who felt they had to fit any traditional mold. Neither of them raised me, though both of them played pivotal and dramatic roles in my life at various times. I'm someone who loves deeply, and I really love my birth parents. I'm estranged from my dad, but I'm grateful for their contributions to my life.

Why did you mention that a college degree was your grandfather's dream for you?

My maternal grandparents raised me. Old-fashioned, solid Christian Puerto Ricans who loved their family and dreamed of their descendants having a better education than either of them. Now, our family has several degreed folks. They would be so proud if they could see us now.

I was actually raised by a whole slew of amazing and beautiful people, aunts who each made an amazing impact on my life, some for months, others for years at a time. I'm blessed to come from gorgeous stock, which I passed on to my kids. God sometimes sprinkles one generation with handsomeness and then poursĀ  out bucketsful onto the next. So it was with me and my children.

Do you have customer service?

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